About us

Our Passion Our Pastime

Our Passion Our Pastime.

Listen, we enjoy this. We wouldnt do it otherwise as we are not going to become mega rich (not for wanting) ! We do this cause we are gamers ourselves. The Xbox and PS4 we have plays our games, FF7 on the Xbox is our fav at the moment. It plays our BT Sports, Sky and IPTV. We play, love and uses game consoles everyday. Its our passion and our pastime. Now if you can find your passion and be mega rich...Then you have won at life amigo! Rita & Sandy

Our mission

We aim to be honest, professional and friendly to all our customers.

Our aim is to be the best local game console techs! No need to send it off. We can fix it quickly and in most cases sameday!

We are your local console repair specialists. We repair locally and return locally.

We are not an other online service who claim to be local! You dont have to send your console away in the post!. Yes have you seen them as well on Google? Sad and misleading I know.

We give free quotes and no fix no fee

Listen, for a PS4, Xbox, Nintendo do you want to pay over £150 to get it fixed? No, £50 quid more you can get a new one. We aim to a max cost £125 for any issue. Our prices for normal software and hardware issues are about half in most cases. If its more then ofcourse why bother. I get it!


Inverness Console Repairs are fully qualified to repair your game console

Our technicians at Inverness Console Repairs hold the top certifications in the field of hardware and software from the worlds leading vendors. So your fully covered on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo devices

We hold certifications in CompTIA Software + Hardware +, Network+, Ceftifications from Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM and Cisco.

Professional Certifications

Cisco Certified

Cisco Certified

Our technicians are fully Cisco Certified to CCNA level!

HP Certified

HP Certified

Our technicians are fully HP Certified in all HP Hardware!

Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Certified

Our technicians hold Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification!

CompTIA Certified

CompTIA Certified

Our technicians hold A+ and Newtwork + from CompTIA!